Mizuno Morelia UL Japan Champion Gold UK8

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Product number: Mizuno P1GA211150

Size: UK8 US9 EU42

The Mizuno Morelia UL Japan in "Champion Gold" (P1GA211150) is a standout soccer cleat, known for its lightweight design and superior craftsmanship. Weighing in at just 210 grams, it's one of the lightest in the series, aimed at players seeking top-notch lightweight spikes that offer an engineered fit. The upper is crafted from premium K-Leather, ensuring durability and comfort, while the outsole features Mizuno's signature lightweight clear studs for optimal performance on the pitch​

This edition, released on May 3, 2021, sports an eye-catching Champion Gold/White colorway, making it not only a high-performance cleat but also a statement piece on the field. The use of genuine leather in the upper adds to the cleat's luxurious feel and ensures a snug fit, enhancing the player's touch and control over the ball​

The "Champion Gold" variant is part of a select collection that emphasizes style, performance, and exclusivity, making it a sought-after model among soccer enthusiasts and collectors alike​
​. Whether for competitive play or as a collectible item, the Mizuno Morelia UL Japan "Champion Gold" is a testament to Mizuno's commitment to quality and innovation in soccer gear.

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