Adidas X 15+ Primeknit Match prepared Andre Schürrle

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Adidas X 15+match prepared for Andre Schürrle

Product number: AF6221

The Adidas X 15+ Primeknit football boots are designed for players who create chaos on the pitch. These boots feature the innovative Primeknit material on the upper, providing a snug and comfortable fit that adapts to the shape of your foot. The design incorporates an X-Cage in the midfoot for added support, ensuring stability during rapid movements​

Traction is a key aspect of these boots, especially designed for indoor and street soccer where high tempo play demands optimal grip. The sole incorporates different textures, including areas with extra dimension and grooves for enhanced traction during twists and turns, and a slightly abrasive texture for quick deceleration, mimicking mini brake pads. This thoughtful design ensures non-marking performance, suitable for gym floors, allowing players to stop at top speed without leaving marks​

The fit of the Adidas X 15+ Primeknit might feel slightly longer than standard boots, offering extra space that's beneficial for the intense cuts and movements typical of indoor soccer. This additional space provides breathing room for your toes, avoiding any squashing against the front of the boot. The integrated tongue and TechFit collar design contribute to a secure feel around the ankle and through the midfoot, though it may take some adjustment for players not accustomed to the snug fit​

While these boots come at a premium price, they offer a new level of performance and quality, making them a worthwhile investment for serious players not constrained by budget. The Adidas X 15+ Primeknit boots are recommended for players seeking advanced traction, comfort, and support during high-intensity play

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