Adidas Predator Strike Elite FT FG limited Edition UK8.5 IE809

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The Adidas Predator Elite FT FG, particularly from the Solar Energy Pack with the style code IE1809, is designed to amplify your soccer performance on firm ground surfaces. This cleat stands out for its innovative features aimed at providing comfort, control, and precision.

The boot is equipped with a flexible Primeknit upper, ensuring a snug fit and enhanced comfort. Its unique two-piece Primeknit collar is designed for easy entry and a secure fit around the ankle. The HybridTouch 2.0 upper, complemented with Strikeskin elements, offers a soft and flexible feel while ensuring optimal grip for precise ball control.

One of the standout features of the Predator Elite FT FG is its fold-over tongue, which includes a tongue strap for a locked-in feel, enhancing stability during rapid movements. The Controlframe 2.0 firm ground outsole is meticulously designed to provide dynamic traction, ensuring agility and speed on natural grass pitches.

Endorsed by professional players, the Predator24+ series, which this model is a part of, is recognized for aiding players in reaching peak performance levels. The lace closure system further ensures that the boot remains securely fitted, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions.

It's important to note that these boots are specifically designed for natural grass surfaces and may not be suitable for artificial grass, which could lead to quick deterioration and potential issues like sole separation. The design incorporates a commitment to sustainability, featuring recycled materials and aiming to reduce plastic waste​ (Premium Soccer)​​ (We Got Soccer)​.

For those looking to enhance their game with a blend of comfort, precision, and sustainability, the Adidas Predator Elite FT FG from the Solar Energy Pack is a compelling choice

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Adidas EU 42 2/3 / UK 8,5 / US 9
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