Adidas F50 Ghosted Adizero Prime Unisport Edition UK8.5 Limited Edition Memory Lane Pack

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Product number: Adidas FY3246

The Adidas F50 Ghosted Adizero is a limited edition football boot that combines the iconic designs of the Adizero and X Ghosted into a highly responsive and lightweight package. It features a soft, comfortable Hybridtouch upper and a responsive Speedframe soleplate, designed for speedsters who value a thin yet comfortable upper and a snappy soleplate. The boot stands out for its top-notch performance, although its limited availability might be a drawback for some. The collaboration for this model involved reaching out to major retailers, including Unisport, to recreate classic F50 Adizero designs, making it a highly sought-after piece for football enthusiasts and collectors.

The Adidas FY3246 refers to the F50 Ghosted Adizero FG Cleats, a part of the Unisport Limited Edition Memory Lane Pack. This product is designed for soccer enthusiasts, featuring a multi-color design that stands out on the field. It is a new, unused, and unworn item that comes in the original packaging with tags attached. The cleats are part of the F50 product line, known for their performance and style in soccer footwear. These limited edition cleats are highly sought after by collectors and soccer players alike due to their unique design and the reputation of the F50 series for quality and performance on the field.

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Adidas EU 42 2/3 / UK 8,5 / US 9
New with original box